How To Prevent Tickets From Being Marked As Spam

  • 28 October 2018
  • 4 replies

One category of tickets gets repeatedly marked as spam that shouldn't be. Is there a way to either disable the spam filter all together or prevent these tickets from entering spam? 

I tried creating a rule in dispatcher but to no avail.

4 replies

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I have never experienced this problem. Is it possible that these get assigned to a contact which has been deleted. That would explain the automatic marking as spam.

Good afternoon.

We currently have a batch of emails being converted in to tickets and are automatically being marked as SPAM. I have checked the rules in Dispatcher and there is no rule set up forcing this action. How do I stop this from happening? FYI I have ensured that the tickets aren't getting assigned to a contact which has been deleted. Many thanks

The same here, we dont know why random clients get email marked as spam. Can we prevent that?


Unless there are no ticket create rules actioning on tickets and marking them as spam, the other possible reasons for a ticket to be moved to spam automatically are -

1) Tickets submitted by deleted contacts (You could confirm this by clicking on the requester's name)

2) Tickets that are considered as spam by Freshdesk's proactive email spam filter

For the latter case, you could reach out to our support team at and we should be able to explain further as to why exactly was the ticket moved to spam and what could be done to avoid the same.