Linking incident to problem

  • 24 January 2014
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Hello. In the documentation it says that you shall click on the Problem button on the navigation bar. But, I dont see this button, am I blind?

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3 replies

Hi Jorgen

I think you might be using Freshdesk. Incident & Problem Management is available in Freshservice -, which is an ITIL based Helpdesk App, that we launched this week

You could sign up and try this out




Ahhh, you're absolutely right :)

But, whats the difference between Freshdesk and Freshservice? Why isn't incident & problem possible in Freshdesk? That is a really nice feature to link related tickets to a "master" problem.

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Sorry that we heard you so late,Jorgen. It is now possible to link multiple tickets to a source ticket in Freshdesk. For more details, check on this link : Linked tickets