Multiple notifications on android app

  • 19 August 2014
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I'm using Freshdesk Android App as we use Freshdesk for our tickets. I often receive a lot of notifications which are exactly the same. For the last notification it was 41 times the same message.

See in attachement a screenshot from the notifications panel.

Do you have any idea where the problem may come from?

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edit: i forgot to precise that i'm using Android 4.4.2 and freshdesk version 1.1.8


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1 reply

Hi Rodolphe,

There is an issue where two notifications were added for single event, which is resolved and fix will be available in next update. However the issue you have reported has way higher number of duplications. We are also looking into the possibility of GCM sending duplicate messages. We will keep you posted as soon as we find a possible cause for the issue.


A.J Sudharshan.