Need CC'd recipient to be able to view attachments simply, without logging in as Freshdesk user

  • 20 April 2016
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Hello there,

  We are using Freshdesk to function as email flow management in receiving large quantities of Sales orders and purchase orders, as opposed to as a ticketing system/helpdesk. It is extremely important that we have the ability to CC agents out in the field to keep them in the loop about orders received (which are viewed as attachments), normally, as in a regular email, without them having to jump through hoops with log ins and us having to add them as users. Does anybody have feedback about how to make this work? Thanks.

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Hi Abra,

Now you can easily add the attachment to the email by clicking the Add to response option that opens up when you scroll over the attachment. You can probably forward the ticket with the attachment to the non-agent so that he/she gets to download the attachment as they would be treated as a 3-rd party user by the system.