Newbie - Export does not export all tickets..?

I'm new to Freshdesk, and I am trying to export all my tickets to a report. I am viewing all my tickets - have even tried selecting all tickets - but the export only shows two or three tickets.

Why? Is this because it only export a certain type of tickets, and if so is there a way to export all tickets?

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LOL.. as I said... n00b. Ok, this only seems to happen from my computer. I've just tried the same from my laptop and it works --- so it'll be a local issue. --- 

You may be running into an issue where you have to filter things TWICE. First, set the filters in the UI until you get the list of the tickets you want, then after clicking EXPORT make sure that you've set the same time frame, or else the default 30 day time frame will apply. Why is it this way? Who knows.


As mentioned in the above comment please do check the date filter you have selected in the list view page as well as in the export properties pop-up display. 

The list view page allows you to sort tickets based on created time and the export properties page will let you sort it based created, closed and resolved time. Also, make sure you have the ticket view selected as 'All tickets' when you are trying to get all active tickets.

Hope this helps.

This is not a rookie mistake. It is a flaw in Freshdesk.  

You should always be able to export ALL unresolved issues regardless of created time. 

If you want to filter down with a fixed period, that's fine, but it is not logical that you have to edit period everytime you want to do an export, to make sure all issues are exported. This was basic function in our old ticket system, and should be the same in Freshdesk.

I worries me that this issue was raised 2 years ago, and still no solution! 


Totally agree Thomas. Design flaws seem to be accepted rather than resolved. It doesn't seem like being responsive to actual, functionality enhancement requests is a big priority for Freshdesk, unfortunately.  

It's also kind of ridiculous that you are emailed the export rather than downloading it directly. Customers using the portal get a direct download.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for giving your feedback about our product - we can certainly improve the experience for our Export workflow.  I've put this into our Product backlog, and will keep you all posted on when we can fix this.



Is it just me or did Ticket Export just die completely? I'm getting no results from any request now (but did one about :15 ago...)

Just tested... Exports still works for me... 

But!!! I still need to adjust Created > Select time period to make sure ALL UNRESOLVED tickets are exported. 

What I do is to go back over a year to make sure I catch all unresolved tickets.
REALLY an annoying workaround to make sure all old issues are exported. C'mon Freshdesk! How hard can it be? Export ALL unresolved tickets should be standard! 

Yes, that's why I tickled the thread with this. The export should simply take whatever filters applied to the ticket view and export them. Seems that a lot of feature design is left to the "freshies"..(and I still can't get any export so opened a support ticket...)

I've noticed that the export is even less reliable these days - but I can say the same thing about the product in general. I have seen many cases where I needed to do two opr three exports to get what I wanted, and I've been careful to select the correct filters (twice) ever since I discovered the ridiculous design choice. Email issues also seem to be a weekly or daily occurence now, which is one of the reasons I left my old provider.

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The export feature has been more reliable now as we've internally classified the workers that fetches the data from the DB. There have been very little instances where the export feature has turned out to be buggy ( you can expect that from a software! ) but we've resolved them with minimal turnaround times.

Also, the export functionality has been redesigned to automatically switch to the last 30 days criteria in order to improvise efficiency - You can still switch the date range to obtain all tickets data.


Unfortunately I don't find this is true. I tried exporting "all time" data for all tickets — made sure view included the appropriate time range AND edited the export filter to match the same time range. Result? Only tickets as far back as month. And yes, i made sure the dates were correct for BOTH ticket view AND export filter.

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Hello Sarah,

In case if you've selected the date range right on both the sections, there is a very little chance that you don't get the entire ticket data as expected. One thing that I can think of is the presence of Archived tickets which wouldn't be available as a part of the all tickets view. You'll have to move the Archived tickets view to export those records. 

I'll log a support ticket for the case and have one our support heroes get in touch with you on this shortly!


For folks struggling with the manual Ticket export options in Freshdesk, you might want to try Flatly which not only auto-exports all past, present and future Tickets, it also offers combo objects like:

Tickets+SatisfactionRatings, Tickets+TimeEntries

You can maintain filters in your Sheets or other flat files.

Flatly auto-exports all Freshdesk data objects to Google Sheets, XLSX or CSV files in Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Box.

Disclosure:  I work at Flatly.

Similar issue here:




If I want to export a view of my tickets why do we have to re-filter the time-period it is already selected in the view? I need to export all tickets, open and closed, for a specific customer. 

It's really annoying to have to go in and reselect all the fields I need and re-select the time period every time. 

Is there a way to save an export template for the specific ticket view?

Ticket View I'm trying to export:


When hitting export: always has 30 days as default and my field selection changes depending on the last export I did!


-Etienne Clercx

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As far as I am aware there is no way to create a template. In most of this trail all participants agree that this is a nuisance, but it doesn't look as if Freshdesk is going to solve this soon.



You are expected to enter the date range again in the export window and this is keeping in mind that the list view has a a larger holistic set of tickets and the export window could be used as a smaller subset to it.

Also, We are launching a new, optimized filtering experience real soon and this should definitely make filtering tickets much easier.


Quickly adding another point to my previous reply - 

We’ll also retain/carry over the selected time range such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, 30 days etc from the list page to the export window now. You would no longer be prompted to change the time range in there again.

However, we recommend you, split any large date frame such as 6 months or above, into smaller chunks, say 2 exports covering 3 months each to ensure that the export is triggered and also rendered on time to the agent without any delay.