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  • 24 September 2019
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I am not receiving notifications for new/changes tickets in Freshdesk. My colleague is receiving them, however. There have been no changes made. Could someone help?



5 replies

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What type of notifications are you looking for? In the app, or an email?

For email notification this depends how it was set up.

See the admin section, Helpdesk Productivity >> Email Notifications. The in the tab Agent Notifications, select the item "New Ticket Created". Underneath the notification text you will see who which agents to notify. My guess would be that this is not set up properly.  

Sorry, email notifications. One moment I was receiving emails for new tickets and updates, the next moment not. My colleague still is. We have changed nothing.

My name is listed as an Agent to receive notifications. 

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Hello Max,

Apologies for the bad experience that you’ve faced with the email notifications of Freshdesk. Our team will reach out to you via email to help resolve this.



Can you help me2? I have the Same Problem, but no bugfix works

Hello there,

Good day!

We have sent an email to discuss this at length with you.