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  • 9 July 2014
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I would like to position my popup widget button on the bottom right of the page, but the only offset is from the left. Can I change the offset to be from the right instead?

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5 replies

Please follow the below steps to display pop up widget at bottom right:
1. In Admin > Feedback Widget, set position to bottom
2. Copy the pop up widget code and paste it in your website
3. Change offset to "80%" and publish



    Thanks, that worked great to move the button over to the right, however, that also causes the button to shrink when viewing on mobile (see attached screenshot). Any solutions to be able to move the button to the right while maintaining size?

We tried this from our end and the button size did not change in mobile view. Your website's css might be written in a way to shrink the size of the button as well. Try adding the following piece of code to your css :
[You can change the height px value]


a.freshwidget-customimage img{
height: 70px;

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The widget position can be set to Bottom and then the offset value can be adjusted to place it in the appropriate position. In the image below, the offset has been adjusted to place the button on the bottom right corner of the page.


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Hello Josh,

Recently, we’ve been working on a new feature called the help widget. The new help widget is actually an upgrade to the popup feedback widget.

You can use it to show a contact form and your solution articles to your customers. It is completely customizable - and it can be made to look and feel like it’s part of your website. You can even customize and pick where the widget will be positioned on your website. There’s no coding involved, all you have to do is pick your brand colors, and it’s done. 

The new help widget is being rolled out in batches. If you’re interested in the new help widget, you can signup for early access here. You can learn more about the widget here, and here

Hopefully, this isn't too late, and has been helpful. Please reach out if you need any help with the new widget.