Q: 3rd-party monitoring email creates new ticket on resolved alert

  • 16 October 2013
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Our 3rd-party monitoring solution sends in emails to our support address which creates tickets as expected, but it also sends a "RE: alert" email when the issue is resolved which results in another new ticket. The reply alert doesn't know about the existing ticket number and therefore doesn't contain the ticket ID in the subject or body. The email does, however, contain information as to when the alert was generated, and also the word "RESOLVED".


Would it be possible to configure Freshdesk to update an existing ticket when one of these alerts is received, and close it off?


Failing that, could Freshdesk be configured to not generate a new ticket on the "resolved" email?

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1 reply


For any Email to be added to an existing Ticket as conversation/thread, we need the Ticket ID and the Email Address to be the same.

Ticket ID is a mandatory field for us. Is it possible for you to edit the template in the Monitoring tool to take up the placeholder and add it up to Freshdesk.

We do have Ticket.id placeholders, maybe using the API you could try out some options (If your monitoring tool supports API)