Requestor changed, reply still goes to original email

  • 12 July 2017
  • 2 replies

We receive voicemails into Freshdesk, sent via a generic noreply email address.
After listening to the message, we update the requester to the person who has left the message. 

Expected: we should then be able to reply to message via email to the updated requester's address. In this example, the voicemail has been reset to "Vida" - note the email.


Actual: we have to forward the email, because the original contact information persists. Same example ticket: reply to her reply, and we get the noreply email address that was originally associated with the ticket.


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2 replies

I too have seen this issue on my account. The only work around for me was after changing the details of the requester going back to the ticket and editing the requester field (which should be set correctly already) and simply saving. Then replies seem to go to the right address. I hope this helps until a resolution can be found.


Hi Lynne,

Mark's workaround here is the ideal one. Could you please try that and see if it helps.