Setting up Groups in FreshDesk

  • 1 June 2012
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I am struggling with the best way to utilize the Group functionality in FreshDesk.  My initial thought is to put Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 agents into groups so I can easily route incoming tickets through Dispatch'r to the appropriate service teams.  Is this how groups are most commonly used?

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3 replies


Groups are usually used in Ticket Assignment during the time of ticket creation itself. You may notice that Groups can be associated in the Email settings page itself. E.g. If the TO Email is - Assign the Ticket to Group - Sales and so on.

Similarly, you can use Dispatch'r for such use case too. E.g. Mail comes to assign to Group - Info & Send Email to Group Manager (Agent) with your own content etc

Hope this helps

On this topic, is it also correct to use the Group functionality as a project seperator? We use Freshdesk to support our delivered websites and web applications to customers. For each project we use a group currently, or is it a better approach to use a seperate portal (product) per project? Rebranding isn't really necesarry, and I think this is the only advantage to have it into another portal?
Yes, Internal Helpdesk will have Department/Groups, which can be used as Project Separator. E.g. In our case, we have QA Team, Sales & Support all using same Freshdesk, but when there is an issue or BUG, we assign it to the QA Dept and so on, with alerts going to the respective agents/group