Supervisor Rule Based On Ticket Creation Method?

  • 7 April 2013
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 Is there a way to set up a Supervisor Rule that will trigger based on how the ticket was created?  For example, if the ticket was created by a customer sending an email to our support email address, I would like the Supervisor to set several fields in a certain way.  If the ticket was created by a customer using the web ticket creation form, fields would be set differently.  And if the ticket was created by one of my Agents, I would like certain fields to be set based on what Group the agent belongs to.  Is there a way for me to do this?

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1 reply


First off, I'm sorry for the late reply. You've probably figured out the answer yourself but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. 

Setting up a Supervisor rule won't solve your problem because you want your tickets categorized as soon as they're created and the Dispatch'r, not the Supervisor, is triggered every time a ticket is created. However, you can set up a Dispatch'r rule to modify ticket properties based on the source of the ticket (if the ticket's been created by one of your agents - use Phone as the Source).