unable to reset password

  • 17 March 2017
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Just thought you should know that when I go through the reset password process, it doesn't send me an email, it simply lets me in to the site. As a result, I've been unable to reset my password.

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4 replies

not exactly the same problem but on my second computer my password was changed without my permission resulting in me unable to use the computer. Sugesstions anyone how to recover the lost password?

Unlike becki, I'm not waved in to my admin portal — but, I'm not receiving a password reset email.

users report this same problem.  I ran the "assume identity" feature, and requested a password reset.  Email never came in (within an hour), verified through a mail stream scan.  I requested a password reset on MY account, and got an email almost instantly.  The user email address in the profile is entered correctly.  This is not a matter of getting caught in a spam filter, no message was received at the post office for the non-admin user.

Hello there,

As such, only if the account is verified, one would be able to login to the platform. Account would be automatically verified if you activate your account with the activation email that you'd receive once your email address is configured as an user. Post that, you could use the "Forgot password" option to trigger a password reset email.

Please feel free to reach out to Support (support@freshdesk.com) if you face any difficulty in setting up your account or in resetting the password, we'd be more than happy to help you out.