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  • 11 September 2019
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I am currently trialling Freshdesk, but if I decide to go ahead as a not for profit organisation we will be using Sprout.  My concern is that the trial version might be giving me an unrealistic expectation of what the Sprout plan will deliver.  

Do you use Sprout?  Did you do the trial first?  Was the trial a realistic representation of the Sprout version?



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2 replies

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We used Sprout initially for two years (having compared various tools), but this is not really an ideal reference as the features of Sprout were changed later (what we had was similar to the current Blossom, but only 5 users free). We were fairly happy with this, but decided to move to Garden as we needed a multi-lingual KB. 

Yes, we did a trial (also a trial of three other tools) and chose FreshDesk as it met our requirements (also non-profit, only interested in ticketing and KB).

Thank you Mark.