WYSIWYG and HTML editor problems

  • 19 September 2014
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Hi just wanted to share some problems we've run into recently and with workarounds (if they exist).

*Not able to save changes made in the HTML editor.

Workaround: Switch back to WYSIWYG before saving and make sure you are using Chrome for your browser

*Near impossible to edit a page as every action takes 1 minute and often there are timeouts.
Workaround: This is probably caused by extra <p> p tags added to the end of your page and sofar the only workaround we found is to create a new page.

*Extra p-tags added to your HTML which are not possible to delete
Workaround: No workaround exists as even creating a new page will only help for a certain time. Freshdesk are aware of this and apparently they will try and fix it in their next release.

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1 reply

Good news. Freshdesk fixed the problem of saving in HTML editor which basically fixes the other problems as well.