Anyone using the CMDB for large numbers of assets?

  • 5 May 2015
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My question is very straightforward: I'd like to know if anyone's using the FS CMDB to manage assets. If so, in any significant number of assets?

I need about 2500 assets. That's $600/month or $7200/year.
For less than $7200, I could buy a nice unlimited user license of a dedicated inventory tracking system like WASP Barcode Management. Ongoing service and licensing is a few hundred a year; under $500.

So, given that information, is anyone using FreshService's CMDB to track assets, and what was the value add for you?

Thanks much!

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1 reply

Bill, I ran across this while browsing the community. We recently signed up our company with over 1,200 + employees and will be using the help desk functionality and change control aspect initially, with the hopes of using Asset Management and Contract Management in the near future. I do know that once you reach a certain amount of assets you can contact your account manager and they can work in some special pricing.