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  • 9 May 2017
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I'm new to FreshService and I have a fwe questions about Asset Management:

1. Is it posible to change to change the fields that are shown in the Assets View?

    Now only the "standard" fields are visible.

2. Is it possible to add an external firm as "Managed by" in an asset?

    We have hardware that is managed by external firms, so it would be interesting that

    we could save this inormation with the asset. Now only an agent name can be chosen.



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1 reply

Apologies for a late reply.

1. Currently its not possible to change the standard fields that are displayed on the Asset View but we are very soon bringing in a column customiser which will bring you options to customise the columns to your requirement.

2. You may want to add these external firms as Agents (You may add them as Occasional Agents under Admin/Agents tab) which will consume your Agent Licenses) to be able to associate them to the 'Managed By" field.

As you are very much interested on the Asset Management ,i would like to share some recent product updates on the module


Maljeev Rafi