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  • 12 August 2021
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Morning All - Does anyone have experience of using the Asset Inventory? Specifically printing the Asset Tag. 

What label printer and labelsdo you recommend? Also is there a way that if I purchased pre-printed asset tag labels, that I could scan them to the assets in the system?

Thank you

2 replies

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I am also wondering this same thing. I would like to have some kind of laminated label, such as a Brother P-Touch label, and use a PC connectable printer.  However I want to make sure that this would be supported and work before purchasing. 

For our assets we are using pre-made stickers with our logo along with a simple Code-128 barcode. This works perfectly  through the “Scan & add” function within the mobile app.


Along with that you could take a look at the app within the system itself, found under Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps. It's called “Asset Label Designer”. It can generate a barcode of your likings which is compatible with the Asset Manager.