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  • 1 July 2020
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I believe you All know the Situation, when a User gets new Assets like Notebook, Smartphone and so on. At the moment we handle that in an my mind old fashioned way. When we sent out the assets to our user, we add an Handover Protocol with the hope that they will sign it and mail it back. But it allways not work and we always have to ask again and again to get it back

Now I brainstorme since days how to handle it a smart and digital Flow, for making IT Asset handover in a better way than now.

I would be interessed to know, how do you handle it in Freshservice ? Has anybody of you a good Process or Idea how to make full digital and easy for the user ?

1 reply

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Hi Sean,

We currently do not have a native handover protocol process in Freshservice.

As a workaround, I would suggest you could use custom asset statuses such as “Returned” and then you can use the same under Reports for your reference.

Also just for your reference if this was not known, we have a native “Asset Fulfilment” feature for Service Catalog wherein say - you have Laptops as an inventory item, you can create a service item using the service catalog and fulfill the hardware related as shown below:


After you are done, you can respond to the ticket to the user to confirm the same. After the requester replies, you can close the ticket and this request(s) raised against this asset can be tracked from the asset screen.


Pranav B

Team Freshservice