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  • 16 January 2023
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Hello Team, 

Would like to know on how do you maintain multiple service items like laptop? like we have different laptop models with different specs and over the time some might need to update the price. the problem  is whenever there is a need to change and update the details per item, I need to do this on a lot of items or need to create another service item since I don't want to modify previous transactions made per specific item. is there a way to use the custom item? if yes, may i know how?


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1 reply

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If you want visibility for the requestor then I think you have to create an individual item. I don't think you can have a request item then a drop down to select a laptop as you can't pull the price then display to the end user.

So we have used different methods for this. 

1) put prices in the description of the service item. We list all options and cost and they see it below.

2) in the drop down box of the selection we use executive laptop $2,000

development laptop $4,000

In either case it doesn't use the cost field but the end user sees and knows what they are requesting. Then on approvals we show all service request details to the approvers. Where they can approve and see costs.