Service requests submitted for someone else not showing as open or pending

  • 28 August 2019
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I'd like to report an issue with tickets created as service requests not displaying when viewing a requester profile. 

To reproduce the issue complete the following steps.

  1. A service request is submitted as a technician or requester and the box "Request for someone else" is selected and a requester is input.
  2. The ticket is created as a service request.
  3. Navigate to the Requester profile where associated pending or open tickets and assets may be viewed.
  4. The issue: The ticket does not show up under the open or pending tickets regardless of status for either the individual submitting the request nor the individual who the request was submitted for.

Troubleshooting steps I've attempted without resolution
  1. Submit the service request as a non-admin technician. The same issue is reproduced.
  2. Submit the service request as a standard requester using the assume identity feature. The same issue is reproduced.
  3. Convert the ticket from a service request to an incident. No change occurs.
  4. Change the ticket through the various status options and refresh the requester page between status updates. No change occurs.
Further Information
  1. This is the page I'm referring to which is not displaying open or pending tickets.


  2. We're on the Estate plan.

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2 replies

To update this a little in a reply since edits aren't allowed.

While reviewing this a few minutes later, about 10 minutes, I was able to locate the ticket under the individual who submitted the request but not the individual whom the request was submitted for so it appears there's a delay before new tickets will appear since I had checked this in my original post. Does this mean that my agents will have all service requests they create show up under their individual ticket history? 

I can copy this into the feature request forum and request that the tickets appear under the individual who was specified in the "Request for someone else" field if this is intentional behavior, please let me know if I should do that.

Hi Kevin,


I apologise for not keeping this thread updated.


We recently changed the behaviour of the system where in the profile page of the agent, tickets that were assigned to the agent and the assets which were managed by the agent was displayed. This was to make sure we maintain the behaviour consistency for the agent and the requester. However, we now only show the tickets created by that agent or the assets assigned to that agent.


Even if the agent creates the ticket on behalf of someone else, the ticket will display in the profile for which it was "requested for".


If you are looking to get the tickets that the agents have raised on behalf of other users in a report, we are working on a feature in the Analytics module to display the tickets raised by an agent. We will update the roadmap thread updated once we have a concrete ETA on the same. 

Thanks for using Freshservice!