Using Discovery Probe at Multiple Sites

  • 26 March 2015
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We support multiple customers each with multiple sites. We are looking into using the Discovery probe to gain information about the assets for each, but it seems like I can only put one IP address range in.

Is there a way to use the probe across multiple ranges?


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5 replies

Hi Charlie,

Yes you can pull asset information from multiple sites using the Discovery Probe. This can be done by adding a new IP Range from the "IP Ranges" tab on the Probe and scanning it. This will work only when the new IP Range is accessible by the probe.

If it is not accessible, you can do another installation of the Discovery Probe at the remote site and that would push the asset data to Freshservice. The probe installations on multiple sites can be easily managed from the Admin > Discovery section.


We have the same problem. 

We have multiple ranges like:

  • 172.18.x.x

  • 192.168.x.x

192.168.x.x is used in each of the companies, like till The first 255 are reserved for servers and devices but 51.1 till 52.254 is DHCP for clients. This makes 2 scan ranges per company. We have over 30 companies in our network...

172.18 is used for branch routing with the possibility of 512 branch routers.

If we would like to scan our network this would result in creating over 600 scan ranges...

There should be an option to enter a proper range in the probe software. Preferably by IP and subnet.

Hi Tiele,

What you have pointed out is a valid use case and we have this in our roadmap for the probe. Though I cannot provide you a solid ETA, I can assure you that it will definitely be implemented.

As of current release can the probe now be configured with multiple IP subnets and ranges?

Hi Jack,

Yes, we support multiple IP Subnets in the latest version of the Freshservice Probe.

Please find the screenshot below.


Hope this meets your needs.

Feel free to get back to us for further support.



Freshservice support