Automated Agent Removal

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Does anyone have a workflow they are using to alert their team when an employee with Agent access in Freshservice leaves the company? Right now it’s a pretty manual process for us. We currently use Workday as our HR tool.

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You could maybe do it with timed WFA and API calls. 


But this app “Freshservice GDPR Assistant” could maybe do it. 

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Hello @HeatherM14, are you using freshservice to do offboarding? If so then @Daniel Söderlund solution would work great using a Scheduled Worfklow Automator that hits this endpoint /api/v2/agents/[id]/convert_to_requester. This will free up that agent license. If you are not using freshservice to do offboarding requests, you still could achieve this by creating a service request specifically for the deactivation of an agent, that triggers a regular workflow automator hitting the same endpoint.

We currently have it as an item in our offboarding request, that is placed in front of our freshservice administrators to remove access.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will definitely check them out. We are NOT currently using Freshservice for offboarding only onboarding.

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We use the AD probe for our user info so when an account is disabled in AD it deactivates the Freshservice Agent/Requester record as well.

In Admin>Security you can also set who receives a notification when this happens which can be useful: