Combining expressions inside each other

  • 20 January 2023
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I am trying to make the expression build the email for new employees. Its real simple, first inital, last name. I cannot seem to combine a concat and a charat in the same expression so it can scrape the first inital of the first name, get the last name from the ticket, and then combine it all together. 
I was thinking


'charAt('{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_employee_name}}', 0)',



Result: charAt('Value 1', 0)Value 2

But this does not work. I have tried to play with the parenthesis and quotes, so if one is off here that isnt the problem

2 replies

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I use the Azure create user function and for UPN I set it up as

{{ticket.ri_93_cf_employee_first_name | first | downcase}}{{ticket.ri_93_cf_employee_last_name |downcase}}


I know it maybe different in that field versus expression builder.  However i tried to concat and others before I found the | first

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Hi @PatrickMurphy 


When you say the “azure create user function” do you mean the app 


And where do you add that code using the “|first”??? 

I tried to add the code “{{ticket.ri_93_cf_employee_first_name | first | downcase}}” into an expression and it did not work.