Create approval workflow using MS Power Automate

  • 26 May 2023
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My current license is Starter. I am fully aware that approval workflow feature is only available on Growth and above.


So as an alternative, I would like to create approval workflow automation similar to Growth, but with MS Power Automate. I have create the approval workflow, however I do not have any idea how to link it.


The approval workflow: specific ticket raised in Freshservice will trigger specific approval workflow on Power Automate.

2 replies

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Hello @Taza, one way you could get power automate to trigger is by using a freshservice workflow automator that runs on the specific ticket and has an action node that triggers a webhook to a specific URL with the ticket details to the Power Automate HTTP Request trigger. Then you could send an email notification that contains the approval.

Hope that helps


Hi @zachary.king,


Appreciate your reply. On the Workflow Automator on Freshservice, may I know what is the flow to make it link to Power Automate?


The only workflow that I setup now is specific ticket Category will route to specific Agent.