how can the service category be used in Workflow Automator?

  • 27 October 2022
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We have now filled the Service Catalog with a lot of items from different Service Categories.

Now I want to be able to assign the Service Items from different Service Categories to different Agent Groups.

How can this be done? I don’t want to have an automator condition for each and every single item in the catalog.


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6 replies

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something like below would work for the conditions for each category. then after each category you would need an action to assign the agent group


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Oh wow! thank you!
I really was not expecting to search for “When a” in the beginning of the condition and over-read that..
I was expecting “Service Category” and focused around the things beginning with “S”.

FreshService logic :) thanks! This helped me

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A little more advanced but you may also want to look at using a Custom Object in your workflow.  This will eliminate a lot of work in the automator and have all your assignments in one place.  Here’s some screenshots of what we did.  Hope it helps! 



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We’ve done something similar too, it may be a bind to have an entry for all of your service items, but the benefits are worth it.  We use custom object to set priority category etc too. 


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Thanks for all the inputs, this helps me a lot.

Interesting you use category for service requests as this cannot be chosen by the requester

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This is so we can report on how many leavers, new starters, permission requests, New email requests etc..


Technically they do choose it when they fill out the specific Catalogue Item...