How to block answers to services email

  • 19 October 2022
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Hi Team,

Some automatic services are sending alert email to my freshservice solution (sent from to ) .

This is helpful because these alerts are incidents that must be handled.

However, I would like NOT TO SEND any outgoing email to the sender ( because it’s an actual mailbox used by

Could you help me finding a way to do that? I tried with automator but found no action for this purpose.

Thanks for your help !


Best answer by jorn-morten.innselset 19 October 2022, 15:56

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6 replies

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Would not this automator do what you want? 

Ticket is raised → From Email contains → Skip new ticket email notifications?

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Hi @jorn-morten.innselset 

Thank you for your swift answer. My guess was that « new ticket email notifications » where for INTERNAL (= towards agents) notifications, not towards sender.

I want the sender not to receive anything, neither when creating a new ticket, neither when we answer it.

Perhaps I could change the sender when ticket is raised? (I’ll check that)

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I can’t find “Changing sender” as a possible action, unfortunately.

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Hi @Jérôme de Lagausie .


As Jon suggested, you may use Skip new email notifications. It is not targeted to specific recipient. We actually use it for Requesters. Give it a try.




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Try is on progress!

Thank you for your answers, I’ll let you know if it’s conclusive!


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It works fine!

Thanks again.