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  • 11 March 2023
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Hey FS community,

I am testing the Jira Orchestration and trying to find the right syntax for the Lookup User function.  It requires a query string that I can’t seem to get the right format on.  I am trying to lookup a user’s information, specifically the userID, during the workflow so I can pass it down to the Create Issue function.  

I dug through Jira’s API docs and found the equivalent call but the syntax doesn’t not appear to match up right.  

Anyone able to use that function successfully? 


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3 replies

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Strike that.  It was a permissions issue.  After I bumped the service account to our jira admins group, it’s working fine.  No magic to the query syntax, just name or email address.

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Hi! Would you be able to share how you did this? I’m running into a similar issue.


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Hi @HeatherM14,

I had to move my service account that I used for the integration setup into our Jira Admins group.  After that I was able to run the basic queries.