Need some assistance with workflow user reply

  • 30 March 2023
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just wondering if someone could give some feedback on setting up a workflow as i seem to struggle with it sometimes.

concept would be → agent send reply to user → agent puts or can we automate that the ticket changes to status waiting user reply (if possible even adds agent as watcher) → when user reply’s it changes status back to assigned.

I know this is standard, but im having some issues on how to set it up, i keep trying, but its not working.

Do i need to use custom objects for this?

Any help will be appreciated


Best answer by Preethi S 2 April 2023, 16:09

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Hi @BartVB


Thank you for reaching out! Please find the below Workflow Automator to solve your use case.


  • As a first step create two custom statuses “Waiting user reply” and “Assigned” using the Field manager feature. 
  • Navigate to the “Workflow Automator” feature under Automations and Productivity module. 
  • Set up an Automator for tickets with the following Event and Action nodes. 


Event > Reply is sent (Event performed by Agent)

Action> 1. Add watcher 2. Set status as “Waiting user reply”

Event> Reply is sent (Event performed by Requester)

Action> Set status as “Assigned”