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  • 30 December 2022
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Is there a way to associate/disassociate software assigned to a user through the workflow automator? Looking to implement this during on and offboarding. Any help is much appreciated!

2 replies

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Hi Allan, 

Yes it looks like there is, I have not done this myself as i am just looking into the softwrae side of things now getting the agent installed on our machines, will be useful for this in later stages like you are. 

To do it i think you need to use a Web request,

from there you should be able to add and remove users and much more by the looks of it! not sure how you use your software but if all you want to do is add and remove people then this is your best option. 


I had a quick look and there is nothing in the actions list of the the workflows for software so will have to be an api with web request 



Thank you so much!