Workflow help - ticket assigned to agent adds them as watcher

  • 3 February 2023
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Good Afternoon All & Happy Friday,

Just looking for Workflow assistance that may have a quick answer.

I want to create a workflow that when a ticket (incident or service request) gets assigned to an agent, that agent automatically gets added as a watcher to that ticket.

The reason we need this, is if after an agent troubleshoots an issue, if they need to escalate the ticket we want that first assigned agent to be updated on any notes/replies or status changes as a watcher would. This would be great so our 1st line team can be kept updated on a tickets “journey” - equally the 2nd line agent added as watched and so on and so on.

Much appreciated if anyone who solves this could include a screenshot of the working workflow - any questions ill respond asap.


Many Thanks,



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Hi @Danthebugg 

Happily for you the first part already exists in Ticket Automators (aka Workflows) -

Add an Action node and

  1. assign the agent (select from a list)
  2. assign the same agent as Watcher



Where it might become a harder question is based on the process you are using to assign agents - what is your process?

Can you config conditions in the WF to stream the incoming tix to the appropriate agent?  e.g. Subj line contains “XYZ” therefore agent ABC gets assigned and added as watcher

If it’s totally random possibly based on whomever takes the 1st action on the ticket then gets assigned to the ticket - I’m pretty sure you can still use Automator WF to add watcher by extracting the name of the agent and using that to add Watcher.

As to the 2nd tier agent assignment due to escalation - this could trigger a separate WF that uses the same extraction step to add another watcher but it would be triggered by ticket change like here: 

Agent is updated from Any to Any (or Any to whomever your 2nd tier staff are)  I think you’ll have to add each L2 as their own row - keeping in mind this is matching on ANY


Bryn at CYDEF

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Can’t find a way to dynamically add an watcher as you can’t do it with API.