Create a ticket from an email. From and cc can't point to Freshdesk?

  • 9 March 2023
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We’ve been emailing invoices to our customers with a from address of our accounting team, and a cc address of our accounting team for the past 10 years. Reason being we want the accounting team to get a copy of the invoice as well as to receive any response from our customers.






We decided it would be better if our accounting team started to use Freshdesk so we change their email address to route to Freshdesk, but our email invoices didn’t create a case. Freshdesk support told us it’s because having the to address(actually it’s cc) and from address the same that it would create a loop so they detect and block case creation.... The explanation seems illogical, but regardless we can’t change how Freshdesk works… 


Is there a way to accomplish what we want(create a case for invoices  emailed to customers, and if the customer responds the response routes to the Freshdesk case) via sending an email or are we forced to use their APIs to accomplish this?

2 replies

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Hi @Eddie D ,

Greetings from Freshworks community!

When you send an Outbound email form Freshdesk, that actually creates a ticket (Case) in Freshdesk.

You don’t really have to add the same email as CC again. For example, if you have added as a Support email address in Freshdesk, when you send an Outbound email from Freshdesk to That Automatically creates a ticket under When the customer responds, it will be threaded under the same ticket.

Please let me know if I’ve understood the issue incorrectly. 


Any email address can be added in CC at the time of ticket creation using an automation rule under Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket creation tab > New rule. Configure the required conditions and under actions choose 'Add a CC'