Customer added a private note to a ticket

  • 29 July 2019
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I've just had a customer add a private note to a ticket. How and why is this possible and how do I disable it? Is this a bug or a feature?

Since it was a private note, it did not reopen the ticket that was already closed, and agents did not get notified about it.

Customers should be able to just add regular replies to tickets so that agents get notified and ticket gets properly reopened instead of staying closed. I thought the private notes are just for agents to add extra info between themselves about the ticket.

5 replies


We've just noticed this issue in our instance. Did anyone ever get back to you regarding this?



Basically, it was claimed that this is by intention if said customer received the ticket as a result of a forward action.

How can I at least work around this, in situation where an existing ticket has once had a message forwarded to a customer, and henceforth all replies from that customer appear as private note AND that customer insists on replying always to the same old thread? Any way to revert replies from that customer to that thread to again appear as regular ticket messages that will reopen the ticket if closed?


Basically they claim it is by intent in case the ticket was forwarded to the customer.

So now I just avoid using the forward-feature in FD completely.

It may be that deleting the forwarded message from FD could work around the situation, haven't really verified that yet.

I had that issue as well and we use the forward function a lot so I created an automation rule for that.

Set the rule as requester action, Note is added, Private Note.  Then select the status you want the ticket to go to and any other actions you want performed, like email to agent, group change etc

This works very well for us.


I hope you are all well. So, yes, ideally the only that an address other than the agent could add a private note is when the reply comes from a forwarded email from Freshdesk. The ideal use case for us to have this provision is that when a support team wants to loop in a third-party assistance on a issue, they could just forward the ticket and the reply of the third party is expected not to be displayed to the customers and henceforth added as a private note.

Also as Michael has pointed, you should be able to create a ticket update rule to re-open the ticket. Feel free to write to us at for any further queries.

Have a good day and stay safe!