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  • 12 September 2022
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At the moment the Reply is Sent rule will trigger whenever a response is created on a thread, even if that response came from a CC email and not the original requester.

This is very confusing as the system will trigger “customer responded” on the ticket, even though it was actually the CC’d contact that responded.

Has anyone figured out a way to have Freshdesk differentiate between these two?


Best answer by Pooja Bernice 13 September 2022, 01:14

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Hi @HVA,

Welcome to the Freshworks Community,

I understand you are looking to differentiate between a reply and a “CC” reply, I am afraid we currently do not support the capability to identify the replies, but this seems to be a good to have feature, which could definitely help us better identify the source of replies.

We can take this up as a feature request and have this passed on to our products team. In general, the requests will be processed based on the number of users who've requested for it and based on the priority and current schedule of the feature request queue. 

Please have a look at our Ideas page, and post your ask here, we will look into this and take this up from our end.


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Thanks @Pooja, I have put the idea live here. Feel free to add additional use cases 😀