Forward last public comment from child to parent ticket with "real" attachments


Hello @all,

i would need some help with an automation rule that forwards the last public comment (or reply) with real attachments, if any, from a child ticket to a parent ticket.

I got it to work but what i have problems with are the attachments. If i use {{ticket.last_public_comment}} as a placeholder i get the last comment and links to the attachments if there were any. If i add {{ticket.attachments}} nothing changes. This placeholder seems to do nothing.

Isn´t there a way that i get real attachments forwarded? Is there another placeholder that i don´t know of?


This is  what i have so far:


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Reymon,


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


Unfortunately, the product behavior as of now is we do not carry over the attachments for ‘forward’ action in the automation. 


The workaround would be to make use of the {{ticket.description}} or {{ticket.last_public_comment}} placeholder (which you are currently using) to forward the tickets which also includes attachment URLs.


That said, we will move this topic to the ideas section so that our product team has direct visibility. We'll definitely reach out to you when this is implemented.





Thank you for the information.

Looking forward to see it in service in the future.