Freshdesk account aggressively spammed then blocked

  • 23 August 2018
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Just today on 8/22/2018 we started receiving spam mail at a rate of about 1000 spam messages per minute. (see file unnamed.png)

I was able to create some filters to set them to spam + delete each message, but it seems that the messages coming in were double the speed of that the supervisor automation i set to delete them could process spam/delete.

A few hours later I am unable to log in due to the account being locked out. I am afraid this may affect our customer base since most of our help guides are based on the solutions page.

Our page is:

What do i need to do to unblock our account and completely block out all the spam messages from happening?


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4 replies

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That's so unfortunate, Christopher. We hope your account has been unblocked with the help of our support team and the spam messages are no longer troubling you. 

Were you able to figure out the reason or a pattern in the spam mails? Maybe, we can work together to prevent this from happening again.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!


Support eventually was able to help me at the end of the day to unblock the service.

I am currently stuck deleting 15000 spam mails manually, is there any easier way to delete multiple messages instead of bulk of 30 at a time?

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We'll take a look and get back to you on the support ticket with the possible options, @Chris.


Hey Aravind,

We have automations to get rid of spam messages, but we are still getting attacked very frequently. Just last month we had a large attack and freshdesk services blocked our outgoing mail and couldn't reach customers.

Is there any way to completely block spam from even coming? Or will we need to determine when our outgoing message gets blocked again and contact support to unblock our outgoing mail?