Freshdesk - Ticket workflow automation (ticket number in subject or body of new incoming message)

  • 2 June 2022
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In big need of help with an idea on how to add, as a note, a new ticket, if that thicket has an existing one’s number in it’s subject, or body.

Ex: I have an ongoing issue, in discussion with a customer and his ticket number is 12345. He sends a new message in which he mentions “ticket 12345” in the subject or body of the message, but that only creates a new ticket which i need to merge with the old one… It’s tiresome and wastes a lot of time...

Can this new message be added as a note to my existing ticket?

Could these notes be made out to different agents? Maybe set some automation rules?

I can’t find anything on this subject, so I’m really looking forward to some help on this issue.

Thank you!


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Hi @Lex.Conex,

I understand you face issues with emails creating new tickets, even if the subject line contains the Ticket ID. Here is a support article that explains this further -

Why is a customer's reply to a ticket creating a new ticket? (email threading) : Freshdesk

Could you please check if your tickets pass both the Email markers check and the requestor's check for the threading to occur? 

In case both the checks are verified, please DM us the email headers of the original email and the email that created a new ticket for us to check on this further.

Please use the given link to extract your headers -



Dear Bernice,

Thank you for your reply. I took some time to research the information as I was not familiar with those threads, but I don’t think this case applies to my scenario and I would like to find out what conditions can I add so that it may apply.


For my example, I have two e-mail addresses, so let’s call them like this:

email1 → 

email2 →


My original ticket is from email1 and the new message comes from email2, and it keeps the original ticket number in body and/or subject. What would I need to add, as a condition, to make the message from email2 get attached as a note to the original ticket, generated by email1. Also, I would need to assign that type of note to a specific agent.


What do you think about this situation?


Thank you and looking forward to your reply!


Best regards,

Alex Nitu.

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Dear @Lex.Conex 

I hope you are keeping well:)

In your example, the email sent from the secondary email address will be threaded to the ticket only if it satisfies any of the checks in both Email Markers checks and Requester checks.

Email Markers check:

  1. Ticket ID (if enabled) 
  2. Message-ID 
  3. Unique Identifier

Requester Markers check:

After the ticket is identified as a reply, the requester email should be one of the following for it to be threaded to a ticket:

  • Requester email address of the ticket
  • Agent email address of the ticket
  • Email address(es) in the CC of the ticket
  • Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

That being said, if the email has passed both the checks, but if the email threading didn't happen, do DM us the email headers, and I will be happy to look into this further.

Please use the given link to extract your headers -


Happy Freshdesking:)





Dear Mrs. Rozario,


Thank you for the follow-up, I hope you’re doing fine!

I’m having difficulties in finding out what you asked, in regards to the headers, because I’m not sure what to look for. Would you be able to help me in this regard? I made a test from my PC, sending out both messages, under different e-mail addresses.


I’ve attached a small archive with both headers. The mxtoolbox provides quite a lot of information, but I’m not sure what to look for and correct.


Looking forward to your reply.


Thank you!


Best regards,

Alex Nitu.

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Hello @Lex.Conex,

Thank you getting back to us. As we would have to troubleshoot this issue, I've raised a ticket for the same. Let me have this analysed internally with our team, and will keep you posted through email at the earliest..
Here is the Ticket URL for your reference:

Feel free to ping us for any queries/concerns we'd be happy to assist you further.

Happy Freshdesking!!