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  • 16 November 2022
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Hi FreshDesk, I’m new to freshdesk and so is our admin.

For any ticket I have contributed to as a 3rd level engineer I’d like to get ongoing email notification.


  1. Frontline has a problem and asks me for input on a ticket
  2. I add a comment to the ticket indicating a way forward
  3. From here I want to be notified of all activity on this ticket. This allows me to contribute further if needed.

Please advise how to enable notifications for this scenario.

I have all available notifications enabled except “Tickets assigned to my groups”

Available and enabled in my profile:

New responses on my tickets

Status updates on my tickets

Private notes I'm tagged in

Public notes I'm tagged in

Tickets assigned to me

Reminders on first response

Reminders on resolution time

Reminders on next response

Escalations on first response

Escalations on resolution time

Escalations on next response



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3 replies


Ah ha! I’ve found I can watch manually with the star icon in the top left hand corner.

Based on other systems I have an expectation a watch is added automatically when I add to a ticket.

This is not the case with Freshdesk by default.

Is there an option to turn it on somewhere?

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Hi @JMachine 


Glad to see that you have found the solution of adding yourself as a watcher. Here is an article that gives you more information on this.

To add a watcher to a ticket based on the subject or requester, you can make use of automation rules under Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket creation > New rule.

To add a watcher to a ticket based on certain updates made on a ticket, you can make use of automation rules under Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket update> New rule

Specify the conditions and select Add watcher > choose agent name under Actions.

Feel free to drop a note here incase of further assistance :)


That is helpful thank you I will look into it.

The thing I’m really looking for is some ability to add watcher automatically for user in two specific cases:

  1. Where [user] is notified in a ticket add that [user] to watch
  2. Where [user] contributed to a ticket add that [user] to watch

Is that possible with automation rules?

Note: I’m aware [user] can remove themselves from watch anytime - I’m very happy with that.