Multiple Brands and Unique Emails/Replies

I've been trying to get this to work for the past couple of days with no luck.  I have 3 products with 3 different websites.  I want unique emails automatically sent to the requestor for each product/brand, and I want the FROM name and email address to be different for each.

I tried setting up the 3 products and portals for each of the brands, but I don't see how to set unique reply from names and email addresses.  It also appears that any time I change the New Ticket Created email notification, it changes it for all products/brands.

This system looks like it has a lot of potential but the setup for my situation is not clear.

Please provide some guidance. Thank you!

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Please get on to this someone or at least let us know a workaround!

Many thanks

Given that the ability to brand multiple products is such a big selling point it is unfortunate the experience isn't complete end to end.

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you guys.

Sending email notifications from product specific email address can be done by tying the email address to the particular product. Having this configured, The email notifications will be sent from the specific email address provided the tickets are associated to the product.

Secondly, Send different auto responses for tickets associated to different products could be achieved in two different methods. 

If you are looking to send an email with same body but the different product names in the signatures, You could edit the default email notifications and use the "product" specific placeholders. Also, You could use the product specific ticket URL.

If you are looking to send out a completely different content, You could achieve it using automation rules like Dispacth'r and Observer rules. You could configure different rules for different product and send the auto responses. Attached a sample dispatch'r rule and Observer rule screenshots.