Not getting email bounce backs

  • 30 March 2015
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we never seem to get any bouncebacks from invalid/closed mail accounts. They seem to disappear into a blackhole.

Anything we're missing on this?

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4 replies

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Could you please help me with the email addresses of those accounts? Since you are using our own mail server to send and receive mails, the error messages /bouncebacks will be listed on our logs and so you will not be notified of such occurrences. However, if you happen to encounter such issues, kindly let us know immediately so that we could check our logs for the mail delivery status.



Hi Aravind,

I am having the same issue, we don't get any warning message when an email address is not valid.

We receive our emails through a contact form and sometimes people enter email addresses like which we don't always spot.

What can we do?



You'll need to change your subscription - apparently this subscription goes through them and won't allow to use your own server.

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We've recently added the ability to view the email delivery failure alerts within Freshdesk. You can also create automation rules to trigger an email in case if a reply gets dropped / bounced. Sounds interesting? Have a look at Mail delivery failure notification for more details.