Will 'Ticket Update' event trigger when the custom field is updated?

  1. We need 'Ticket Update' event to be triggered when updating the custom field update.
  2. We are not getting the same custom field name in the event payload. Because the custom field name is different from the ticket get API.

Kindly help us on this.



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Thank you for leaving your query @Priyadharshini

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Hi @Priyadharshini ,

Thank you for being a part of the Freshworks Community. 

Regarding your concern, could you please send me a direct message with the following information:

1. A full-page screenshot of the ticket update automation rule that you configured.
2. The payload that you used.
3. The API failure error code that you received, if any.

With this information, we can log a support ticket and further assist you on the same.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Here’s to you,
Vidya D

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