Subscription products (PricingType,Subscription cycle,No. of billing cycles) to deal amount

  • 22 April 2023
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Testing out freshsales as an alternative to our current salesforce org. Im loving everything so far, but im stumpped. It seems that PricingType,Subscription cycle,No. of billing cycles have nothing to do with the deal amount. It seems that the deal amount is only affected by unit price,setup fee and quantity.

I might be doing something wrong, but if im not… I guess has anyone figured out a workaround to incorporate those details into the deal price. Its pretty big for selling SaaS type subsctiption products..

For a simple example.. I set the unit price(license price) at $100 dollars. Selling 100 units. Subscription cycle is yearly and the billing cycle is 5.

Right now its just 100*100=$10,000… What makes more sense is that it would be 100*100*5=$50,000.

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