Creating AD Users based on custom request form

  • 9 February 2024
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Very much a newbie to this, but absolutely struggling to figure out where to begin. 


I’ve created a custom service request form for employee onboarding. With many custom fields to boot. 


Two such fields would be “New Hire First Name”, and “New Hire Last Name”

but this is what’s confusing. 

From the documentation surrounding the AD orchestration app it would seem I could use a filter to pick up the data and deliver it into the payload. But how do I do this?

The examples show {{ticket.ri_cf_name}} however, does that mean I should use request.ri_cf_Employee_first_Name or is there a different way to identify the fields used in the form that I want to use? 

2 replies

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If you are going to use placeholders from service items you need to search for it. 




Ah ha! Thank you! Did not realize it was selectable under service item. Perfect