Freshdesk very long SPF record is a problem

  • 10 January 2022
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Hi, we are using Freshdesk support desk and until now Freshdesk has been sending email’s on our behalf. This means that we have to add to our SPF record. This means that Freshdesk alone adds 8 DNS queries to our SPF record and the standard allows for only 10 in total.

For comparison Microsoft adds two for the whole of Office 365.

Now, what i have feared has happened and we have passed the limit and our SPF record is not valid anymore. I don’t know if we added the one or if Freshdesk added another sub record.

There is really two problems, one is the size of the record to begin with and the other is that Freshdesk can add subrecords at anytime without any of their customers knowing and pushing that client over the limit.

I think therefore it is very important for suppliers that have SPF that is used by alot of customers to be very small and maintained correct.

One solution is to create your SPF record and then only add ip addresses to this record that you then maintain when something is moved or reconfigured. This would reduce the number of DNS queries from 8 to 1.

We are depended on our SPF, Dkim and DMARC to be perfect to run our business and we are therefore reconfiguring the service to send the mail directly through our Office 365 tenant so we can remove the records.

This can be a solution for other customers that have the same problem.

2 replies

Till now what have you tried to overcome the problem?



Nothing, there is nothing to do. You need these SPF records to use the system that way and we can’t remove our own as we need them to send email from other systems.


so as i said, i’m avoiding the whole problem by changing the way i use Freshdesk. That might not be for everyone.


Freshdesk is taking up 80% of peoples SPF record. That’s way to much when it could be 10 or 20%