Freshdesk Vintage

  • 20 March 2013
  • 2 replies

To all those who miss the old Freshdesk theme, here's a taste of vintage. Vintage marries the styles, layout and structure of the old theme with the SEO optimized folder structure, and responsive layout of the new. 

To use this theme:

  1. Download the file

  2. Unzip this file

  3. Copy and paste contents in the text files into the corresponding stylesheet and layout pages

You can view a live demo of the Vintage theme here.


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2 replies

There is one issue with the Vintage theme that I see.  The "Check Ticket Status" and "New Support Ticket" buttons/links are now on the main top header bar and are overlapping the 'Edit Profile' and 'Logout' buttons in the far upper right.

Is there a way I can move them down to the location where they should be, next to the search bar?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. It's now been fixed and updated - please try the theme in the zip file (or view the live demo at, and let me know if everything works for you ok.