In Freshdesk with personal account Canned Responses is Empty

  • 15 September 2023
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When I open In personal Freshdesk Canned Responses its empty. But when I manage tickets and insert there canned responses they are in place.

Also I can’t share  New Canned Responses.


4 replies

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When you say “In personal Freshdesk Canned Responses its empty” do you mean you are looking at the list of all the Canned Responses in the Admin Pannel? 

If so this may have something to do with your Role. Permissions to use canned responses are not the same as to manage canned responses, at least in Fresservice

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Agree with Tony.

Could you please elaborate / clarify further your inquiry / issue?

It seems a role/permission issue.




Thank You.Now everything is ok.

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@dmitriekool Can you mark your question as “answered” so folks know you don’t need help any longer.