Automatically Attempt User SSO Login Before Displaying Home Page

  • 30 January 2023
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We are fine tuning our end user experience.  AAD SSO is working.  Problem is my users are lazy and when presented with the default Home Page they will click on the Report an Issue button instead of clicking Login link to to view all of the Home Page Cards.  Is there a way to have Fresh Service automatically attempt a user SSO login before displaying the Home Page?  I’ve looked around and searched online with no success.  Any help is appreciated. 


Best answer by kenyon.giles 30 January 2023, 19:28

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1 reply

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I’m going to answer my own question.  Going to Channels → Support Portal → and then changing user permissions for submitting new tickets and view solutions to Logged in Users has apparently forced the Home Page to sign on my users.  Working beautifully.  Hope this helps someone else as I couldn’t find it documented anywhere.