• 30 September 2022
  • 2 replies

I have updated the FDK version to 8.6.2.

After upgrading to 8.6.2, “fdk run” command is throwing error. The same app was working before upgrade. Please help me fix this.


2 replies


There was an issue with ES6+ code not working properly in FDK 8.6.2. We have released FDK 8.6.3 with the fixes. Please update your FDK installation using:

npm install -g

Let us know if that doesn’t fix the errors you see.

We are having issue with search brand/ITSM ticket serverless app on SIT( Environment post version upgrade.

  1. We are able to pack & deploy on server but can’t execute. Basically, nothing is invoked in the app. Example 56638 tried from server not nothing happened. Console logs are also not available in logs
  2. When same is tried from local it is working fine. Example 56636 when hit from local

Please see log at your end or provide your time for the same



  • XXX Go Live 6th Oct
  • XXX Improvement


Other details

  • App Name: Search Brand/ITSM Ticket
  • Node version: v14.18.1
  • FDK version: v8.6.3

App Version 116.0