How do I mass-import contacts from ActiveDirectory?

  • 18 June 2024
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We have tens of thousands of people in our ActiveDirectory system, and I’d like to import them as FreshDesk contacts. Periodically I’d also like FreshDesk to ask AD if there have been any new-hires. The intention is to keep the contacts list in FreshDesk reasonably up-to-date.


What options exist to achieve this?


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Hi @d_wurster


Are you referring to the Azure Active directory? If yes, here are the details:
1. Azure to Freshdesk:

  • When contact SSO is enabled in Freshdesk, new contacts in IDP attempting to log in to Freshdesk will be automatically created as new contacts in Freshdesk upon their initial login.
  • For existing contacts, you may either export all contacts from Azure and bulk import them into Freshdesk manually or via API. These documents can help you with the same.


Manually -


2. Freshdesk to Azure - We do not have any native option to do a live sync. However, we can use Custom app.

If this is not related to SSO, can you check this app and let us know if this what you are referring to:

Help me with more details, so that I can guide you in the right direction.