Our emails to customers frequently go to Spam.

  • 6 February 2021
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Before you say this, we do have DKIM set up.


It’s becoming almost impossible for us to email our customers. Either our messages are rejected by their mail server, or if they are not rejected, they go into a spam folder.


We are on the verge of switching to ZenDesk -- they cost more but they don’t have this embarrassing problem.


My guess is that mail providers flag FreshDesk as spam because you aren’t doing enough to prevent people from using your software to send spam mail.


If this is not fixed soon we are leaving.


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@elizabeth_20167 That is unfortunate!

You could opt to send out emails using your own custom SMTP instead of Freshdesk servers, to avoid unprecedented email delivery issues.  Hope this helps!

Feel free to reach out to our support folks if you need further assistance on this.  Thanks.