The sadness after 5 year very disappoint client and honest review

  • 10 November 2022
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I’m client from 2018 in freshdesk first with freshdesk and i migrate after few month in omnichannel plan. 

For 4y I havent any problem, also i’m value to move in freshsales.


In less then 1y what happen in Freshdesk:


  1. i have change my type of company and now i’m startup. So they accept in startup programme and tell me you have credit for other service outside freshdesk and i decide to start using freshservice. 7 month of assistance request to understand why my account is expired..after 7 month 4 guys I talk one noted i’m not in the right server access! 
  2. from 2y and several number of ticket i cant access in setting in freshchat...I open 9 ticket spoke with 14 guys and no one fixed. At least it’s “cache problem” I clean and they try to clean my cache browser still not work
  3. i ask to pass from omnichannel to classic freshdesk plan because freshchat my client not use also I have this problem, freshcaller i never use...and they reply to me we cant because you need to create a new account and lost everything! 
  4.  i ask a discount i have only problem to stay and give me after a lot of fight 5% of discount for annual subscription. I have extra expense and i ask to move to monthly subscription for few months and replys was we can do after expire of annual subscription pay and from 1y you can chage it. 

Like a big company of support where is the support system?

After 5y you lost a client, not so big because i’m just 1 agent license. But I have company too and this is not a treatment for no one client.

Big or small client. 

I was still loyalty anyou accompanied me to the exit. 


I don’t request impossible stuff or strange request I think for big company this is normal and everyday request.  


Thank you for treatment. 




2 replies

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@caygri Thank you for writing to us and I’m so sorry to hear about the experience you have faced. At Freshworks, every customer matters to us no matter the number of licenses. I will also send a DM across to check further how we can assist.

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Hello @alyssia.correa,


I was very sad, last year I also receive the box community and I use very proudly!  

Now miss 15 days of expire of my license and I need to migrate in other software. I’m really disappointment...because i also invest extra money for template and customs.


Even foget i need now to do a migration to another software….😖